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Strategic Focus

Crafting the right message is one piece of the puzzle. But using the most effective mix of channels to reach your target audience is equally critical. I encourage clients to step back and think big about what they are trying to accomplish, to ensure that the marketing tools identified are the best fit. Providing strategic guidance within your budget is a priority, whether that means developing a full-scale marketing plan, or hammering out a basic strategy with a priority list of initiatives. Even when the assignment is limited to writing and/or editing, audience and objective always drive the content.

Customized Insights

Ever the questioner, I bring a curious mind to each client and each project. Eschewing cookie-cutter solutions, I strive to ask the right questions and listen well, to glean the information needed to be a highly effective communications partner.

Collaborative Approach

I value working collectively, and approach each client and partner relationship with a collaborative spirit. I also enjoy the opportunity to work on a long-term basis with clients, diving deep to know their industry and organizational culture. I have worked with many clients over a period of several years, sometimes in various capacities to meet their evolving needs.

Scaled Service

In addition to handling a range of writing, editing and marketing plan development and execution projects solo, I also have the capability to bring together a dynamic team of professionals to meet all of your marketing communications needs.

I've developed working relationships with graphic designers, web developers, PR specialists and more, with whom I collaborate as needed. This means you pay only for the talent and services you need, without all of the overhead associated with an agency. No matter the team's size, I will remain your primary contact and project manager—no shuffling down to a junior associate here.

If you have staff or existing consultants effectively handling tasks under the marketing communications umbrella, such as design, web development, social media and PR, I play well with others, and am happy to work with them—either as the writer/message developer on the team, the strategic consultant leading the pack, the project manager keeping things moving, or all of the above.



KAW Marketing Communications
"Kristin has a very strategic and collaborative approach…. Undaunted, she distilled the array of thoughts into cohesive content that was both client and web appropriate."



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