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"Kristin is a well-organized, disciplined writer who is able to take a project from beginning to end with little to no oversight. She interviewed, wrote and produced a 6-page internal newsletter for us 10 times per year for several years and never missed a deadline. The process she created and followed allowed me the opportunity to monitor and guide the project while ensuring she had the proper access to the right people. I would highly recommend her and would not hesitate to hire her again."

—Jeff Durocher, Vice President, RHR International (Global Management Consulting Firm)

"I greatly enjoyed working with Kristin at Lookingglass Theatre Company, and as I started up the Chicago Children’s Theatre. Kristin brings her clients a great deal of experience and expertise in the highly challenging field of arts marketing. She is a terrific team player with an easy personal and communication style. Attention to detail, strategy, and follow-through are hallmarks of her performance. As they say in my business: 'Highly Recommended!'"

—Jacqueline Russell, Founder and Artistic Director, Chicago Children’s Theatre (formerly Executive Director, Lookingglass Theater Company)

"Kristin Aasmundstad Walsh has been an invaluable marketing consultant for the Orion Ensemble for the last 7 years. She has been dedicated to bringing new audiences to our concerts through ongoing partnerships with many organizations. Her creative help in the development of our email newsletter, new website, mailing list and fundraising initiatives have garnered wider interest in our concerts and increased our donor base.

"Kristin is always seeking new ways to achieve marketing success within our budget. She works consistently within deadlines and gives generously of her time. The Orion Ensemble is grateful to her for all she does. She is awesome!!"

—Kathryne Pirtle, Executive Director, The Orion Ensemble

"Kristin is fantastic at coming alongside the small business owner needing help formulating a marketing plan and prioritizing to make it happen. I consider myself most fortunate for meeting Kristin at a women’s business function, as this led to KAW Marketing Communications providing MLCS, Inc. with just what it needed: marketing tools that emphasized the key points of our highly specialized legal nurse consulting service. This progressed into assistance with developing a very attractive company logo and website. We continue to call on KAW Marketing Communications for assistance with the writing and delivery of an e-newsletter to our clients and when preparing for our bigger marketing opportunities."

—Linda Luedtke, Director of Consulting Services, MLCS, Inc. (Medical Legal Consulting Services, Inc.)

"I had the pleasure of working with Kristin on overhauling my website. Kristin has a very strategic and collaborative approach, creating a work partnership that enabled me to clearly articulate my business proposition. During our first work session I pushed a one-inch stack of work-in-progress documents across the table to her — chicken scratches and initial thoughts on the messages I wanted to convey. Undaunted, she distilled the array of thoughts into cohesive content that was both client and web appropriate. I can enthusiastically recommend Kristin, and look forward to the opportunity to work with her again."

—Maria Townsend Metz, Principal, Townsend-Metz & Associates

"Earlier this year, our university found itself in need of a great deal of exacting text content for our soon-to-launch redesigned website. We turned to Kristin Walsh for help—and she came through in a big way, delivering well-written, concise descriptions of our school’s academic offerings. She did an excellent job on a very tight deadline, including original research. Kristin was very easy to work with, paid close additional to detail and remained in close contact throughout the project, which was completed ahead of schedule. I would highly recommended Kristin for your next freelance writing and editing need."

—Paul Muth, Director of Online Content, Concordia University Chicago

"One of the strongest qualities Kristin brings to every project is her ability to mine the richest elements that can be used to enhance the business or organization. She can grasp complex concepts, tease out salient communication points and translate value to each unique audience. I’ve collaborated with Kristin on many projects from marketing strategy development, focus group sessions, marketing materials and more. She’s got all the right stuff: smarts, warmth, creativity and dedication. The whole package."

—Kimberly Pierceall, President, Grotto Communications

"I like to tease that I had Kristin on the payroll from her college graduation to my retirement! And, that's not much of an exaggeration as I hired her as a full-time employee shortly after she graduated and as a freelancer until I left the industry.

Because it was a small department, multi-tasking was a must. Kristin handled media relations, marketing brochure development and was the editor of the alumni publication. As editor, she planned each issue, wrote all the stories, took the photos, was the designer, and got the final file to the printer. This was in between assisting with special events and community relations.

After we both moved on, I continued to hire Kristin for research-based marketing materials that included image studies, competitive analyses and focus group leadership.
As KAW Marketing Communications celebrates its tenth year of business, I am happy for her success and proud when I receive Concordia's alumni magazine with Kristin's byline. Thirteen years later, they still call on her. To me, this all speaks to Kristin's discipline, imagination, market awareness, observation and love of words."

—Kathleen Sheehy Chekel
Former Director of Communications at Concordia University

"We count on Kristin as a valued writing, proofing and editing resource. Kristin's fresh voice, keen eye and inspiring intuition help clarify our client's communications projects."

—Barbara Rozgonyi, CEO, CoryWest Media



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