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I’ve had lots of experience keeping projects moving, and have been told I do it well. In addition to developing strategy, I am also an expert at "getting things done." As basic as it sounds, this is a critical point, because too often, plans and brilliant ideas never get executed due to lack of resources (time, money, personnel), or get poorly executed to the point of being ineffective and, ultimately, wasting precious resources. My experience in the non-profit world honed the skill of making things happen, regardless of resource challenges.

Does this sound familiar: you land on a great new idea for a marketing initiative – then realize you don’t have the bandwidth to take action? Count on me as a resource to take projects off your list—checking back in for review and approvals as needed. I can augment your staff to fully execute initiatives, or work with your team to move them from "to do" to "done."



KAW Marketing Communications
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